Buttermilk Confectionery

Cornish Confectionery Packaging

Buttermilk are a family run Cornish confectionery company making irresistible fudge & other sweet treats. They have been making artisan fudge since 1964 & came to Kingdom & Sparrow to evolve their brand identity & packaging.

The visual identity took the form of a vibrant, friendly & multicoloured palette. Each of the sharing pack flavours has their own bright patterns comprising of the ingredients, imagery associated with the flavours & the making of the fudge. The large bank of brand assets appear across the packaging & marketing materials, including print & web.

Buttermilk Confectionery , Fudge Packaging, sharing pack, photoshoot
Buttermilk Confectionery, Fudge Packaging Design illustration
Buttermilk Confectionery brand wallpaper and gift wrapping paper
Buttermilk Gift wrapping paper