1533 Gin label Design & Branding

1533 British Hemp Gin

Still Doctors & Co are a new spirits company set up by two doctors in South Devon. Wild Bear Designs created the branding for their flagship spirit – 1533 British Hemp Gin which uses hemp seed as it’s main botanical.


The name ‘1533’ derives from the year 1533, the height of King Henry VIII’s reign. Having established the British Royal Navy, King Henry VIII passed a law in 1533 obligating farmers to grow  HEMP to provide the fibre for the ropes and sails of his new warships.

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Gin Label design & branding-1533-Hemp Gin Wild-Bear-Designs-pic3

The etching style illustrations tell the story of hemp during these Tudor times. The black rhombus worked to effect a shield or coat of arms and the luxurious touch of gold foiling was used to show a connection to royalty and the crown.


1533 Gin Label

Printed by Label Apeel on Tintoretto Gesso paper with gold foiling & a high build varnish.